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Our Mission

The Baby BEEs Research Collaborative represents an interdisciplinary team of population health researchers and child development specialists investigating baby brain and early environment studies (BEEs).  Lead by experts in the fields of neuroscience and early childhood development, the mission of the Baby BEEs collaborative is to bridge a connection between science and the community to better understand how brain functioning impacts the individual developmental trajectories of children. Early environment plays a critical role in neurodevelopment, which is why our team works to engage families through research initiatives from the perinatal period and throughout childhood.  


Central to our team’s mission is our social responsibility to the community. As we continue to work to detect and characterize the development of large-scale brain networks, we are committed to identifying optimal periods for intervention in order to contribute to more promising outcomes, especially among populations facing greater risk for adversity. Through community outreach the Baby BEEs Collaborative works across systems in order to reach and engage populations that are often under-represented in research.

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