The Buzz: Access to Pharmacotherapy Amongst Women With Bipolar Disorder During Pregnancy

Written by Michael Guerrero-Calderon

Access to Psychopharmacology (w/ a Focus on Women Facing Bipolar Disorder)

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar Disorder is a mental disorder that causes unusual changes in mood, energy, activity levels, concentration, and the ability to carry out daily activities.

What are the types of Bipolar Disorder?

Type 1:

Can last at least 7 days and symptoms can become so severe emergency medical care may be required. Depressive episodes can last for 2 weeks or more

Type 2:

Similar to type 1 but are not as severe, and depression episodes come in short patterns of time.


Symptoms do not match either type 1 or type 2, but it can also mean the person is at-risk of developing Bipolar Disorder.